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It is pretty simple here — for many years, stuff would occur to me and then disappear forever. I started to try to capture them, and this newsletter was born.

As a strong general rule, I will not discuss politics at all. By “politics” I mean “the things that politicians are up to.” I will shy away from public policy comments, but you might see a bit more of that. I will comment on sports, culture, general goings on, and whatever pops into my head.

How it works

I don’t have a regular schedule for posting. I keep a Google Doc open, write things as they occur, and publish when I get to ten five items. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes things come in bursts, sometimes it takes a while. Inspiration isn’t predictable.


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Dad. Software Geek. Former Naval Officer. Indoor Enthusiast. Minnesotan at heart. I try to ignore politics, but don't always succeed.